Jun 26 2006

Ashcroft – June 24 / 25

Congrats to Surrey In A Hurry's own Al Quigley for his win in Super Pro at Aschroft this past Sunday, June 25th. Sunday's runner up Jim "Steak" Behnke was the top dog in Saturdays Super Pro final round match-up against Jason Gibson.

Here are some crappy-quality videos from the starting line. Click the images to link to the movies…

Quigley bringing his work to the track… moving rocks from one place to another!
#1 G.I. launching straight as an arrow… finally!
Zak Vega bouncing around a bit on a hard launch.
Justin Gibson burns out in his Jr Digger.
Justin Gibson makes a pass in his Jr Digger.
There's a joke here somewhere… maybe something about Zak being taken from behind?
We're pretty sure this guy had a death wish, and there's a really good chance I saved his life… Every time I didn't video a run, he nearly flipped off the back of the ATV and / or tagged the wall.
Of course, whenever I captured the chaos for posterity, the run was mellow. This vid is the least lame of the half a dozen or so I took, but it's nowhere near as crazy as any of the un-filmed passes!

If you don't already have it, you'll need Apple's free Quicktime player to view these videos.

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