Oct 13 2006

Expensive tow!

Video Of The Moment:
How to explain this to the boss?
Oct 11 2006

2006 Ashcroft Banquet


What a charming group of fellows! This past Saturday, yours truly and the rest of Team Surrey In A Hurry attended the 2006 Ashcroft Pissup Banquet Dinner. I'm sure I speak for everyone (or at least us anyways) when I say it was an absoulte riot!

Most of the night is still a blur, but some photos (supplied by Manfred Ketterer) might help clear things up. If anyone has anyother pics or stories, drop us a line.

Among all the awards and accolades to all through the night (Thanks!) came the sobering news that long-time Track Manger Bill Kraus will not be returning next season. Too bad… not only has he done such a great job and been so dedicated to the track, he let us get away with a lot! Don't be a stranger, Billigan!

Oct 11 2006

Smooth Operator

Video Of The Moment:
Watch out for deadly sidewalks!
Oct 09 2006

Cat owns baby!

Video Of The Moment:
Take that! And that! And these…
Oct 06 2006

Medford Pics!


Finally back from the old honeymoon, and can get some new info on the site. First up: the one and only Manfred Ketterer supplied a few pics from the NHRA Div 6 ET Finals in Meford, OR. I keep hearing about this HUGE load of pics that people are sending us, but nuthin' has made it here yet. UPDATE: Zak sent me a bunch of new pics from Medford, and I've added 'em. I don't think he took the pictures, but I don't know who did either. If you know, or you took them, please let us know!

Anyone else have and eviden… er, uhm… photos from Medford? Come on people! We need your help…

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