Mar 04 2007

Zak’s *REAL* Real New Ride!


OK… No more B.S.

I know, I know… last time we said we weren't messing around with you about the latest pictures of Zak's new mystery ride. And you fell for it and went to find pictures of some rocket car for sale on Ebay. But this time it is the complete, 100%, no BS truth.

We've FINALLY got REAL pictures of Zak's ACTUAL new race car. I promise, these pics are legit from the front of the car to the back. No tricks, no gimmicks, no more tom-foolery.

Thanks for being so patient. Now enjoy the pics:



(By the way… the no bullshit image was swiped from Entropy Zone. To make up for it, I think I'm gonna go buy a mousepad.)
Mar 04 2007

Quigley’s ‘Stang Update


Quigley's new 'Stang is coming along nicely!

It's getting painted right now after making it's way by HiVolt for some bitchin' wiring and electronics install. Before that, it spent some time in Zak's shop getting headers by moi and the mondo big block tweake by Ken Orser.

More details are coming, but the car certainly is looking good. Check it out:.

{smoothgallery folder=images/stories/quigley_03&showInfopane=false}

Click the center of the image for a larger version. Click the left or right edge of the image to scroll through the pictures. 

Mar 04 2007


We are the process of getting the 2007 Samz NASCAR Pool page up. Check back for more updates.


You can still check out last years partial-pool results here.

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