Jun 29 2008


Zak Clarke

A certain un-named lazy bastard has been neglecting his duties at Surrey in A Hurry sunning himself on the beaches of Hawaii. In that time, it seems a stockpile of news has been building up.  And while all the details aren’t in, the highlight reel must include Surrey In A Hurry’s own Zak Clarke’s recent string of luck.

In back to back weekends, Zak and the Beretta have gathered up an impressive three consecutive wins and a runner up.

Details are a little sketchy on the Super Pro win, but he may have had some help over in Door Slammer… One of the two ‘Dinger wins came courtesy of Rob Charlton and his gorgeous S-10 pickup. Charlton had the Beretta covered and the race was his — until he tightened the top end up a bit too much — delivering Zak a 0.0016 stripe on a silver platter. That’s sixteen TEN thousands of a second there… probably the thickness of a sheet of paper in the lights.

Finally, the runner up also happened in Door Dinger, but this one was pretty much over from the start. Grant Howl ran his number with 6 after taking a 0.004 whack at the tree. A ten thou package in Door Slammer? Wow… nice work Grant!

In other news, to keep this thing from turning into zakinahurry.com, you folks gotta keep me up to date. Send in any news, scoops, jokes or insider stock trading tips you might have via the contact page . I promise: I’ll get it on here… when I get around to it.

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