Jul 14 2008

Broke ‘Back’ Zak

Zak Clarke Baretta - HorsepowerHeaven.com

SIAH founding member Zak Clarke and his Baretta have been on an absolute tear the season. He was looking to add to his slate of wins and bring home the Team’s third Wally of the July 12th / 13th weekend at the ‘Plex .

In what is about to be the longest sentance ever put down, Zak paired up with the bitchin’ Camaro driven by Lane Wooley for the 12th Annual Aurora Electronics Night Drags and Christmas in July final round of the Canada West Doorslammers class sponsored by Surrey In A Hurry. Whew! Still with me? Anyways, It was Baretta against Berlinetta, and the race was over in the first hundredths of a second… literally.

Zak scored a 0.020-something RT while Lane, in the other lane, put up a 0.150-ish light. Unfortunately though, that’s not why the race was over so soon. It seems that after only 800 or so passes, Zak’s ring and pinion decided to expire. Lane lifted at the 100 foot mark to ensure the win, despite another team’s diminutive crew member chanting “Run out, Lane… Run it OUT, Lane… RUN IT OUT, LANE” hoping for a breakout mistake. Oh wel… you win some you loose some. At least the prize money for second place was $100 dollars bills, not like the stack of tens they paid out for the win.

As Zak and the Baretta enjoyed a slow tow back to the pits, Pro winner Corey Thompson dove across thetrack wall to bring out a frosty refreshment. As they say: Win or Lose, Hit the Booze!

Hey, speaking of Zak, Corey and diminutive crew members… It shows that getting a good night’s sleep before the race is a smart thing to do. Seems that those guys, plus Brian Barbie and a few other dedicated racers benefitted from the rest by all but owning the final rounds of Pro, Super Pro and Door Dinger. I wonder how those animals that made the drunken racket until 7:30 in the morning fared on race day. Oh… wait a minute…

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