Jul 26 2008

Pair ‘O Bridesmaids

Just got word of the results of Super Gas and Top Comp from the rain delayed Lordco Auto Parts NHRA National Open Double Header. Originally scheduled at Eagle motorplex almost 2 months ago MRP was the site of the make up of the S/G an T/C classes.

With a Wally on the line, Team SIAH’s Joe “Top Wop” Mura was on the wrong side of 0.008 second margin of victory. It started well, with the Wop’s 0.009 RT just edging out George Evans 0.016. The starting line advantage wasn’t enough though when Evans 7.60 something on a 7.60 when Joe’s 7.475 (7.46 dial) left too much room. Looks like Joe didn’t have an easy go to get to the final either, having to get by the human robot Stefan Kondolay in the semis.

It was almost like deju vu all over again with SIAH’s own Zak Clarke up against Chris Cannon over in Super Gas. After a slight victory on the tree (Clarke: 0.011 / Cannon: 0.016) Zak took a little too much stripe, running under with a 9.897 to a 9.909 over in the other lane. This one was for a Wally too… Damn!

Congrats to Evans and Cannon for their wins!

Stay tuned for results from the actuall race that was scheduled this weekend, the Lucas Oil NHRA National Open, as details come in.

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