Jul 14 2008

Team SIAH does it again!

Pete, Justin and their Wally's. Photo by HorsepowerHeaven.com

Photos courtesy Horsepower Heaven

Has anyone been keeping count of the Wally’s ‘the Team’ has brought home this season? If so, add a couple more

At the rain-delayed Lordco Auto Parts NHRA National Open Double Header at the Eagle Motorplex on July 12th, 2008 (original race date: May 30th – June 1st) Justin Gibson and Pete Bereditsch each snagged the ‘Holy Grail’ of drag racing trophies. Nice!

Justin’s win came in Jr Digger with a hard-on-the-brakes 9.24 on his 9.07 dial while Chloe Carre’s .47 was a liitle to quick for her 10.48 prediction. Great work by Team SIAH’s youngest member! We promise… a shirt is coming; seriously!

The Dragon Slayer’s Pete’s Wally was the fruit of yet another all Surrey In A Hurry Super Pro final round. His 0.016 RT got the jump on Al Quigley’s relatively sleepy 0.039 in his 2 year old new RH Racecars Mustang. Al’s 9.710 on a 9.69 wasn’t enough to get around the founder of ’80 Black Camaro Eliminator’s 11.799 on a 11.78 lap.

Hey Quig: Did you find where the ~0.040 delay is hiding in your ‘box yet? Some might take that as a burn, but it’s not meant to be. The normally “Quick Quig” really seems to think there’s some bonus numbers stuck in his new delay box.

Dave Jung was doing everything he could to make it a three-fer with a win in Pro. Unfortunately, he had to settle for the much less desireable third-place ‘Whalley‘ instead.

By the way; in case anyone wants to know to become a member of Team Surrey In A Hurry? Sure, bribes work… but you go out and win a Wally or two and we’ll probably just claim you as our own!

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