Jul 02 2008

Two Wally’s for “Top Wop”

Joe "Top Wop" Mura

What a couple of weeks it has been for Team Surrey In A Hurry! First the info came in about Zak’s three wins and last loser runner up in back to back weekends. Now another phenominal performance has our own Joe “Top Wop” Mura walking away with a PAIR of Wally’s… and he didn’t even steal them. Bada Bing!

Smokin’ Joe went two for two this past June 28th and 29th, 2008 at the Bremerton Raceway stop of the NHRA Northwest National Open Series. On sabato (Saturday), Joe whacked Al Chin for the Super Pro win, while Marc Heritage was taken care of in the domenica (Sunday) Top Wop Comp final. For details on the weekend, check out Joe’s notes later on.

To add to the Team’s almost complete domination over the past couple of weeks, Surrey In A Hurry’s youngest member, Justin Gibson missed a Junior Dragster Wally by that much on Sunday. Great job Justin! Just hope you didn’t get beat by a girl again… Ha! I couldn’t resist; sorry!

Here’s a copy of the e-mail the Top Wop sent with the weekend at Bremerton details:

The site: Bremerton Raceway.
The event: National open Series Race #3 & #4.

Saturday I entered S/pro and Top Comp. lost 1st round in T/C by a margin of victory of .0025  so I continued on in S/pro taking out S/pro points leader Jason Gibson in the 3rd round and continued to the final where I met up with Al Chin. He was -006 red and 9.527 on 9.54 dial I was .009 green 7.566 on a 7.57 dial and got the easy win.

On Sunday lost 1st round in S/pro. My .009 light to his .181 light but my car wouldn’t shift into high gear (“eh, whadda you gonna do, it’s a Cadillac forget about it”) (quote from Donny Brasco) so I continued on in Top Comp to the final where I met up with good buddy Marc Heritage. I was .014 on the tree and 7.596 on a 7.60 dial and got the win. He was .022 on the tree and 7.561 on a 7.57 dial.

So I guess you could call it two Wally’s for the Wop. At least 1 win was in Top Wop  eliminator.

On another note, Justin Gibson runnered up in junior dragster on Sunday in Bremerton as well. I wish I had the photos of the winners circle to send in with me and the gibson family as we are in three of them (2 wins for me and 1 r/u for Justin)

Thanks.  Joe “Top Wop” Mura

And for those that might be offended by the colorful use of Italio-centric terminology in this article? Fuhgettaboutit!

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