Aug 20 2008

A friend in need

Just got an update from Jason Gibson with more details about his Mustang and what we heard was a blown head gasket :

“…just thought i would give you an update of the car,not just one head gasket but both of them, as well as blowing the front bushing and seal out of the converter. Sent converter to TCS only to find out it was busted up pretty bad inside. Therefore negating a transmission disassembly to clean all the crap out. But best of all while the heads were off i couldnt help but notice a one inch crack right in the middle of the #4 piston

Anyone got a superpro car for rent? Only two days till i need to leave for Portland N/O and Boise.

I think im going to shoot the moonWHOOOPA!!!”

Oh man! That’s way worse than what we reported! Hopefully somebody will see this and lend a hand to an all-around good guy and a fellow racer in need. If there’s anything Team SIAH can do Jason, just let us know.

Hey… speaking of Super Pro cars for rent. There’s a certain other blue Mustang collecting dust now that the owner’s new red one is finally up and running. Maybe check on that one!

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