Aug 24 2008

Nationals Champs!

(This just in… and I mean just in. The text message from Zak just came in 30 seconds ago…)

In what has to be the quickest SIAH update ever, it appears that Team Surrey In A Hurry members kicked ass and took names this weekend at the final race of this years NHRA Northwest National Open Series in Portland, OR.

Joe “Top Wop” Mura is making the long tow home as the 2008 National Open Series Top Comp CHAMPION! No details yet on who he raced or how he did, but as the info comes in it’ll get posted here.

Not to be outdone, it looks like Jason “Piston Broke” Gibson dragging his wounded Mustang all the way down wasn’t such a bad idea after all. No details either yet on how he did it, but Jason is this year’s National Open Series Super Pro CHAMPION! Running on a cracked piston

Future drag racing superstar Justin “Where’s my Shirt?” Gibson wasn’t letting his Dad and Joe take all the glory. Making it three for three, Justin is now the 2008 National Open Series Junior Dragster CHAMPION! Again, no details on the racing yet, but that sure beats losing to a girl, huh?

Hey, speaking of girls and Jr Dragsters, apparently Kayla Allen now has to detail Zak Clarke’s Beretta. Seems she challenged Zak to a reaction time shootout.

Kayla, Kayla, Kayla… you’ll learn. Never, ever, ever challenge Zak (or accept a challenge from him) on ANYTHING. He’s got voodoo luck; things will almost always go his way. You can’t win!

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