Aug 17 2008



Most of Team Surrey In A Hurry spent a scorching weekend at the Eagle Motorplex attending the 6th Annual Zimmer Wheaton “Thunder In The Desert” Night Drags. One word sums up the whole thing: WHOOPAH! If that doesn’t make any sense, then sorry… you must not have been in earshot of pole six in the pits.

While we still have to get the details straightened out, there are a few things we know for sure:

Pete Bereditsch took out Gerry Epp in the second of the weekend’s Lordco Super Combo Series race. Congrats Pete! Also, Zak Clarke and clinched the Outlaw Top Comp championship for 2008! Even better, in order to lock up the series all he had to do was qualify for the show! Unfortunately, Zak’s day was cut short in the second round when his crew chief wasn’t around to help out in staging. A lame duck out-of-the-water burnout resulted in the Beretta trying to dig holes in the pavement on the launch. And with that the round was handed to Tyson Wells and his sweet big block Chevy powered VW Bug. Wells had a free ride into the final round after that, let’s hope his luck held out all the way to the end.

Conditions on Saturday were ridiculous. Nobody’s fault of course… it was just a scorching day in the BC interior. Lot’s of lemonaid, water and all manner of liquid refreshments were being consumed at probably record pace. Shoot the Moon! Shoot the Moon!

In events completely unrelated to the Wayne and Tami’s wedding at ‘Plex on Friday, Jim “the Steak” Behnke and Cory Thompson were bridesmaids in Super Pro and Pro respectively on Sunday

The Gibson family had an eventful weekend. It all started when Allison (aka K.C.) Gibson faked a case of heat stroke so that yours truly would have to step in and work the bottom of staging all freakin’ night! Oh well, it was better than making everyone suffer through my chicanery on the mic had I succumbed to the the persistent group of people trying to convince me to be the announcer. Just as well any ways, as it probably staved off some fines from the FCC as I’m sure some of the seven words you can’t say on television would have made it on the air. Besides, Shane took that ball and ran with it all weekend, doing a better job than I ever could have… except for maybe calling the “Nitro Alky’s” to the lanes. Kidding! But back to Allison and her Oscar worthy performance; she even faked uncontrollable, uhm, technicolor yawns repeatedly as part of the show! Just kidding, K.C.; hope you are feeling better!

Keeping with the Gibson family theme, Team SIAH’s youngest member, Justin Gibson won again in his Junior Dragster on Saturday night. Here’s the part where we promise Justin yet again that we will get him a shirt… Good work J.G. Jr!

Rounding out our coverage of the family Gibson, Jason Gibson had a bit of bad luck on Sunday. His gorgeous Mustang decide to barf a head gasket and ooze on a sizable section of the track and return road. (Incidentally, it was during the down time of said ooze cleanup Zak’s crew chief disappeared…) We don’t have any other details yet, but wish him luck as he’s got a couple of big races on the next two weekends.

Anyone with more info can send it to us through the contact page . Come on people! Help out with all the details that we already forgot while shooting the moon. Whoopah!

UPDATE #1: For those that are worried that the Dodge Dually and black racecar trailer in the horrendous accident on the Trans Canada on Sunday was Zak, it’s not him. No idea who the unlucky rig belongs to or their condition, but Zak and the Beretta are safe and sound at home. Apparently Zak’s phone rang off the hook until well into the night. Thanks for the concerned thoughts.

UPDATE #2: Seems like the crew chief not showing up for the second round of Door dinger was a good omen. While backing the Beretta out of the trailer at his shop, a front wheel locked dead solid. Turns out that a piece of hardware holding the brake pads in place on the caliper failed, cocked sideways and destroyed much of the assembly. That kind of situation is not something you want to have happen on the fast end of an 8 second Door Slammer pass. See Zak; Mega D’s DQ craving may have saved your bacon!

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