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Oct 08 2007

2007 Ashcroft Season Finale

Raffle winner poses with prizeSurrey In A Hurry is still recovering from the 2007 Eagle Motorplex Season Finale banquet, but wanted to get some pictures up ASAP. So enjoy the few pics we have so far, including the Eagle Racing Association (Junior Dragster) raffle winner posing with his prize…

May 30 2006

113 HP GixxerKart!

From the “What the hell were they thinking (and why didn’t we do it first)” department comes GixxerKart! 133.5 fire breathing horsepower in a 300lb roller skate? Cool…

For slower computers, there is also a smaller version. Or, you could just step out of ’96 and ditch that Pentium 90.

May 10 2006

Horsepower Bet Winner!

Congratulations to Dirty T for winning the Big Duke Dyno Pull horsepower bet! Those that have made good on the bet have been crossed off the list. Those that haven’t paid up better do so soon or they might end up with some o’ this!

Al H 692 HP
Al Q 715 HP
Dale 690 HP
Dave J 695 HP
Dirty T – Winner! 688 HP
Guy 708 HP
G-String (A.K.A. Darrel) 750 HP
Howie ??? HP
Judo 724 HP
Ken 690 HP
Manhole 693 HP
Petey 710 HP
Pete 698 HP
Salmon 718 HP
Tamara 707 HP
Zak 700 HP

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