Oct 31 2006

The Haunted Forest!


A special thanks goes out to Surrey In A Hurry's very own Block Watch Co-Captains! Literally a month of work went into creating the very spooky haunted forest. It made for a great backdrop for the Halloween party thrown for the folks on the hood block.

Check out the pics provided by Terri and Rick for glimpse of what you missed. Once it got dark, the trail was an eerie place with all sorts of lights, candles, ghost and goblins… with a couple of "tipsy" rednecks thrown in for good measure. Awesome!

Oct 31 2006

Chalk Bored

One day a teacher went into her class room and saw the word, “penis”
written in small letters on the chalkboard. She rubbed it out and went on
with the day’s lesson.

The next day, she came in and saw the same word
on the chalkboard, but this time it was a little bit bigger. Just like before, she erased it and went on
with her lesson.

Each of the next several days, the teacher would come in to find
“penis” on the board, a little larger each time. She went in one
morning, expecting to find it again, but instead the chalkboard read:

“See? The more you rub it, the bigger it gets.”

Oct 31 2006

Snake bite!

Two good buddies, Bill and Bob, were way out in the boonies out hunting and not having much luck. They decide to take a few minutes and rest a bit, when Bob realizes that he has to go pee. Unfortunately for Bob, he didn't look where he was pointing his pecker, and a rattlesnake bit him on the head of his dick!

After several seconds of jumping, screaming, and begging, the snake finally let go and slithered away into the grass. But as luck would have it, neither Bill nor Bob knew how to treat a snake bite… Bill decided that he would hike out and get to a doctor.

After several hours of hiking, Bill finally found a doctor! The Doc told him that in order to save his friends life, he must suck the venom out of the bite with his mouth — and fast!. As luck would have it, the doctor had a dirt bike on hand that he loaned to Bill to help rescue Bob. With the dirt bike, Bill was able to get to Bob in short order. When Bob saw Bill, he weakly asked him, "What did the doctor tell you?" And Bill said…

"You gonna Die!"

Oct 16 2006

More Medford Pics!


Levi Neudorf answered the call for more pics from Medford. Unfortunately, I don't have the details of who or what is goin' on in the shots. Go check them out, and if you've got any info, fill us in!

 Also, Manfred sent in some more photos of the Medford melee. They've been added to the original gallery.

Oct 16 2006

Crazy Man!

Video Of The Moment:
Crazy crook causes chaos!

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