Aug 31 2007

A day at the ‘Beach’

Finally! The photo's are in from Brian's Beach Party celebration at Samz pub. While I'm not so sure this is what Samz had in mind when they brought in the pool, this is what happens when you invite Surrey In A Hurry.

Hey, Lil' bro… don't get too mad. After all, these pics did come from your better half, Kim.

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Aug 20 2007

‘Numba 1’ is #1

Ken Orser - Super Combo Winner

Congratulations to Surrey in a Hurry's own Ken 'Orsepower' Orser on his Lordco Super Combo Series win at the 5th  Annual Zimmer Wheaton Night of Fire Drags at the Eagle Motorplex!

For his efforts, Ken pocketed $700.00 for the late night/early morning 2:00AM win, while runner up Steve Lowe walked away with $400.00 of his own. Terry Langdon Davies claimed  $75.00 for making his way through the field into the semis. #1 qualifier and it's $100.00 bounty went to 2006 NHRA Super Pro World Champion Brad Vinje, while Warren Jacobson's "best losing package" – a 5 thou loss to Steve Lowe – earned him a Howard Hilborn sponsored $50.00 cheque. Sunday's race #2 of the scheduled double header was rained out.

Orser leads the Lordco Super Combo Series with 340 points with just three events left in the season. But this is no time to relax; Steve Lowe is only 9 points back at 331. Tom Brown and Gerry Epp are next at 294 and 286 respectively, while Vinje rounds out the top 5 with 270.

Special thanks go out to Warren & Yvette Jacobson for sending the race details and pic to us at Surrey in a Hurry. If you have information related to this or other races, or if you just think we should know about something, drop us a line! You never know what we'll get around to putting up!

Aug 15 2007

Help out Bill Friend

Late in the afternoon during Saturday's time trials for the Thunder in the Alberni Valley, a local long time racer was involved in an horrific top end crash. After violently rolling and flipping multiple times, the car came to rest in the trees more than 60 feet from the track. The driver, 71 years young Bill Friend, is apparently now at home after a brief stint in the hospital. Amazingly, his injuries are not severe and he is expected to make a full recovery. However the car, a four speed '65 Comet Caliente that his family had owned since day one, is a different story

Almost immediately on Sunday morning, an announcement was made letting the crowd know of Bill's intention to get a race car back together. People that were interested in helping out a fellow racer in need were informed that donations could be made through Bill's good friend Grant
. Donations piled in over the next few hours and included an offer of a virtually identical replacement car! Team Surrey in a Hurry gave over $600 to the cause, with the lion's share coming from Zak's donation of a huge chunk of his Doorslammer winnings. The AVDRA kicked in $1500 dollars, and if nobody claims Saturday afternoon's 50/50 draw by the end of the week, that'll go in too.

 It's great  to see the drag racing community help out a racer in need. While nobody wants to have to deal with the potential realities of the sport, it's refreshing to see so many help out so selflessly. has more on the story,  as well as the forum from the Alberni Drag Racing Association website. We'll keep you posted as more info comes around. If you would like to help out, contact Grant Klohn via e-mail and he'll fill you in.

 Good luck Bill, and we all wish you the best. 

Aug 14 2007

Weekend at ‘Berni

Alberni Doorslammer Winner, Zak Clarke and friends

From left: Tony Dew, ‘Starter Steve’ Manning, ‘Colorful Al’ Quigley, Door Slammer winner Zak ‘Clean Tree’ Clarke, Chris ‘Beef’ Mitchell, Joe ‘Top Wop’ Mura, Ken ‘Numba 1’ Orser and Howie ‘Wanna Cookie?’ Davidson (kneeling)

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Aug 13 2007

Grant Rocks!

Grant Rocks!

What some people will do for money…

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