Jun 29 2008

SIAH sponsors RJE/VPF CDW!

Canada West Doorslammers

Surrey In A Hurry is proud to sponsor the RJ Enterprises / VP Fuels Canada West Doorslammer event at the Eagle Motorplex on July 12 and 13th, 2008.

It feels good to make a deposit into the karma bank every once in a while…

Jun 29 2008


Zak Clarke

A certain un-named lazy bastard has been neglecting his duties at Surrey in A Hurry sunning himself on the beaches of Hawaii. In that time, it seems a stockpile of news has been building up.  And while all the details aren’t in, the highlight reel must include Surrey In A Hurry’s own Zak Clarke’s recent string of luck.

In back to back weekends, Zak and the Beretta have gathered up an impressive three consecutive wins and a runner up.

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Jun 04 2008

Thanks to the Dykstra’s

Martin DykstraA genuine heartfelt thanks goes out to Martin and Cindy Dykstra for saving my bacon at the Eagle Motorplex.

For those that don’t know, I have a tendancy to forget to pack something at just about every chance I get. Sometimes it’s little stuff like a toothbrush; othertimes it’s my entire duffle bag of clothes.

This time, at the Lordco Auto Parts NHRA National Open Double Header, I packed everything I needed… except my sleeping bag. And while it was the end of May / begining of June, it still gets damn cold there at night.

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