Feb 22 2009

Trailer Stolen… then FOUND!

MacKenzie's Trailer Found!

MacKenzie's Trailer Found!

UPDATE: The trailer has been FOUND! Mundy’s Towing found the trailer this morning behind some warehouses in Lake City. Of course, it had been stripped BARE of everything except the Vega’s hard to replace front end. By everything, we really do mean everything: anything that could be unbolted or removed is gone; weather station, tools, pit bike, generators, spare set of wheels, racks, mounts, etc.

There is a couple of pieces of good news though. The first is the previously mentioned front end is still there. Second, the trailer is in seemingly good shape otherwise. But the best piece of news is the dip shit douche bag crooks were dumb enough to dump the thing under video surveillance cameras…  the whole thing is caught on tape. Nice!

Thanks to everyone that helped out by spreading the word.

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