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May 12 2009

Al “Dragster Slayer” Hampton on a rampage!

It all started with Al Hampton destroying the tranny in the Kondolay’s dragster last weekend. Then this week, Joe “Top Wop” Mura was stupid kind enough to offer up his Mullis digger for Hampton to run at MRP.  Turns out Hampton goes and blowed-up Mura’s trans too!  Nobody knows for sure, but we’re beginning to think that The Midget might just be thinking “Dammit, if I can’t have a dragster, then nobody can.

Kondolay cylinder head damage (arrows) caused by a chunk of 1/8" allen key (circled)

Kondolay cylinder head damage (arrows) caused by 1/8" allen key chunk (circled)

In allegedly unrelated news, the Kondolay’s are in a mad thrash this week repairing the wounded bullet from the dragster. The mill had lost some of it’s grunt, and after tearing the heads off, they found it had been bitten by some FOD (Foreign Object Damage).  They found damage caused by a chunk of 1/8″ allen key that—after bouncing around beating the bejesus out of everything—eventually lodged into the deck of the cylinder head.

To be clear, there is no proof that Hampton is actually responsible for hucking an allen key down the throat of the big block, but lets face it; it was an Allen key. Not a Jim key. Not a Steve key. Not an anybody-else-that-is-not-named-allen key.

So please, dragster drivers: be on the look out for disgruntled guy who appears to be smuggling bacon across his forehead. It just might be the Dragster Slayer looking for another victim.

You’ve been warned.

Feb 22 2009

Trailer Stolen… then FOUND!

MacKenzie's Trailer Found!

MacKenzie's Trailer Found!

UPDATE: The trailer has been FOUND! Mundy’s Towing found the trailer this morning behind some warehouses in Lake City. Of course, it had been stripped BARE of everything except the Vega’s hard to replace front end. By everything, we really do mean everything: anything that could be unbolted or removed is gone; weather station, tools, pit bike, generators, spare set of wheels, racks, mounts, etc.

There is a couple of pieces of good news though. The first is the previously mentioned front end is still there. Second, the trailer is in seemingly good shape otherwise. But the best piece of news is the dip shit douche bag crooks were dumb enough to dump the thing under video surveillance cameras…  the whole thing is caught on tape. Nice!

Thanks to everyone that helped out by spreading the word.

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Jul 20 2006

Surrey In A Hurry Shirts!


Team Surrey In A Hurry has new shirts! They're in stock now, and we'll find a way to sell'em on here ASAP! Until then, get your very own this weeked (July 21 – 23) at the 10th Annual Aurora Electronics Night Drags at the Eagle Motorplex.

Just listen for the ruckus in the pits… that'll be us. By the way,
skinny folk need not apply right yet. All we have are large, x-large
and pup-tent

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