Aug 29 2008


Over the next few weeks, I expect to hear a lot this:

“What’s with the changes? What was wrong with the way it was?”

Why the change? Well, I get razzed all the time about the lack of updates to, and probably rightly so. That was due to a couple of reasons. First of, I tend to get lazy. Second,  the CMS the old site was built on, well the whole thing smacks of effort, man. (Don’t get me wrong; I still think Joomla! is great — especially the 1.5 series)

This site really has evolved into more of a blog, and it can be a little hard to create quick, blog-style posts with photos, etc in the Joomla! world. I know… tens of thousands of people will call me wrong on this, but this has been my experience over the past couple of years.

So I looked into Worpress, and I was hooked.

Simple. Beatifully crafted, inside and out. Fast. Built for blogging by bloggers for bloggers.

It is so easy to do in minutes what used to take hours. I no longer have to look for ways to make the system do what I need it to do; it just does it already.

Expect broken links or maybe a missing image or two as two plus years of stuff gets properly converted over. My apologies for any inconvenience if you came looking for something you need and can’t find it.

So, that’s where we are. I am sorry if you hate the place or what’s happened to it. Refunds are available at the point of purchase. 😉

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