Aug 14 2007

Weekend at ‘Berni

Alberni Doorslammer Winner, Zak Clarke and friends

From left: Tony Dew, ‘Starter Steve’ Manning, ‘Colorful Al’ Quigley, Door Slammer winner Zak ‘Clean Tree’ Clarke, Chris ‘Beef’ Mitchell, Joe ‘Top Wop’ Mura, Ken ‘Numba 1’ Orser and Howie ‘Wanna Cookie?’ Davidson (kneeling)

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Mar 28 2006

Quigley’s ‘Stang, Part 2!

Pics of Quigley’s fresh from the cha-ssis shop Mustang are here!
Ha! Just kidding… the real pictures are here!
As far as Fords go… it’s not too bad 😉

Nov 15 2005

Quigley’s ‘Stang

The pics of Quigley’s in-progress tube cha-siss Mustange are finaly up. Check ’em out!

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