May 11 2009

I just wanna go tens

About 4 years ago in the Summer Of The Hog spring of 2005, Zak Clarke started making noise about wanting to get back into drag racing. Nothing fancy at all you see… just a fun bracket deal. “I just wanna go tens” was his rational. Well, like most stuff racing-related, things changed quite a bit by the time the 2009 season came around.

With the new Mura big block power in the Beretta, Zak has officially kissed “the tens” goodbye by at least two and a quarter seconds. Congrats for breaking solidly into the officially serious zone with a bunch of back to back 7.74 ET blasts at MRP this weekend. Deep into the sevens—on a mild break-in tune-up with lots more on tap—that’s what you had in mind back then right?

And to think, it all started with the Super Surrey Vega; a car that wouldn’t go in reverse and was built so the tranny couldn’t come out. Good times. 😉

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