May 13 2009

NASCAR in Vegas – February 2009

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Nov 04 2007

Lap of a Lifetime!

Lap of a Lifetime!

Team Surrey In A Hurry took the Lap of a Lifetime around the NASCAR oval at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Luckily, a crew of videographers with state of the art equipment was there to capture it for us. There are two versions of Quicktime videos available. We’re working on getting Windows Media Player versions out next. Check it out!

640 x 480 / 21.48MB
480 x 360 / 17.75MB
Oct 24 2007

Vegas Baby! Part II

Las Vegas Nationals

Oh yeah… Team Surrey In A Hurry will be in Las Vegas, NV, this week at the ACDelco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals ! Unlike last year though, we’re not just makingt the trip to spectate… this time we’re actually racing! Zak’s gonna take a crack at SuperGas — National Event style!

A couple of unnamed speed demons well qualified drivers have already transported Zak’s Berlinetta Beretta to Vegas in world record time a safe and sane manor. Zak and Tony will fly in like rock stars and meet up on Wednesday night.

Stay tuned for more details as they come in!

UPDATE! OK… so Zak and Tony made it to the airport… Three hours early to try and catch the first class upgrade. Wouldn’t you know it? There was one seat left. So much for flying in like rock stars…

It’s 5:52PM, the booze here sucks and we have over two hours to kill until the plane leaves. But let me tell you about the Snake Nuts! More details as we get bored…

UPDATE! Viva Las Vegas! Hold on to your valuables, ’cause Surrey In A Hurry has taken over Sin City.

We’re at ‘The Strip’ and Zak’s made a couple of time hits. The Beretta is running good for zero data. The sun is out in full force and this place runs cars through in a hurry! Over 500 cars in just 4 hours! The track must be way shorter here or something… Stay tuned!

UPDATE! 10am — Yeah! Round one is in the bag and we’re still in. Congrats Zak! Now all we have to do is wait around all day until SuperGas comes around again for the day…

UPDATE! 9:30pm… a mere almost 12 hours later… Finally… no more racing to get in the way of shakin’ it up in Las Vegas! Adios!

UPDATE! 6:00pm Friday: Bill & Bill from Steve Schmidt Racing Engines just had us in stitches for the last couple of hours. ‘Midget’ and ‘Water skis’ were awesome!

UPDATE! 9:20pm Friday… just finished up at ‘The Strip’ and on a whim we hacked a right into Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A (welched on…) big bet to entice ‘Lurch’ to take the Surrey Limo for a lap around the famous oval somehow turned into an invitation to hang out. Are they serious? We broke in and they asked us to stay? The cops must be on the way…

‘Trailer’ over and out.

UPDATE! Seriously… I don’t know how this happened, but Zak, Joe, Ron and I just blasted a lap around Las Vegas Motor Speedway… in the Surrey Limo. This was just a few a few minutes after I was encourged to slither into an Indy car at all costs for a 180mph lap around the place.. Apparently they don’t have a functioning 4XL machine around. For all you non-believers, there’s VIDEO bee-atch! We’re having a fricken’ riot…

VIDEO UPDATE: Makin’ a lap in the¬†Surrey Limo!

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