Jul 25 2006

Guardian Angels

Video Of The Moment:
Proof that there is guardian angels…
Jul 24 2006

1/4 Scale Blown V8!

1/4 Scale Supercharged V8
Video Of The Moment:
1/4 scale, supercharged, alchohol burning V8. What else is there to say?
Jun 28 2006

So Close!

Video Of The Moment:
I think I can. I think I can. I think I… CAN’T!
May 30 2006

113 HP GixxerKart!

From the “What the hell were they thinking (and why didn’t we do it first)” department comes GixxerKart! 133.5 fire breathing horsepower in a 300lb roller skate? Cool…

For slower computers, there is also a smaller version. Or, you could just step out of ’96 and ditch that Pentium 90.

May 02 2006

Big Duke Dyno Pull!

Dyno day number 2 for Big Duke…
Not the most exciting video to watch, but pin the volume and hear it sing!

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