May 29 2009

Zak’s House of Precision Engineering

Sometimes you have to break out the big guns. Here Zak shows the aerospace technology that goes into preparing 175 MPH precision racecar components. Yes Martha, that is a Strange brake rotor…

May 13 2009

NASCAR in Vegas – February 2009

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May 11 2009

I just wanna go tens

About 4 years ago in the Summer Of The Hog spring of 2005, Zak Clarke started making noise about wanting to get back into drag racing. Nothing fancy at all you see… just a fun bracket deal. “I just wanna go tens” was his rational. Well, like most stuff racing-related, things changed quite a bit by the time the 2009 season came around.

With the new Mura big block power in the Beretta, Zak has officially kissed “the tens” goodbye by at least two and a quarter seconds. Congrats for breaking solidly into the officially serious zone with a bunch of back to back 7.74 ET blasts at MRP this weekend. Deep into the sevens—on a mild break-in tune-up with lots more on tap—that’s what you had in mind back then right?

And to think, it all started with the Super Surrey Vega; a car that wouldn’t go in reverse and was built so the tranny couldn’t come out. Good times. 😉

May 04 2009

I insist; You drive!

Apparently, last weekend at Mission Raceway Park there was a little bit of car swappin’ going on!

First off, the Kondolay’s strapped blocks to the pedals and put a phone book under the seat cushion of Stephan’s digger so that “Little Al” Hampton would be able to see over the cowl. Once that was taken care of, Hampton jumped in and clicked off a 7.72 ET—good enough to upgrade his license! In the first round of Super Combo, Hampton—still in the dragster—was robbed when the sun reflecting off his shit-eating grin caused a red light.  The day could have ended much worse for him though when his boner got in the way of steering off track onto the return road. Boing!

Speaking of the Kondolays, Stephan predicted he’d win Super Pro and did just that on Saturday. But Sunday morning he beat up the transmission in the dragster and it was done for the weekend. In the second car swap of the weekend, Stephan jumped in Pete Bereditsch’s bitchin’ Camaro for Super Pro. Unfortunately, the old man’s tranny couldn’t take the beating and expired in the third round. When Stephan hit the burner, the car backed out of the beams for an automatic red light. Even with the loss, Stephan Kondolay is leading this seasons S/Pro points!

In other news, Zak Clarke is apparently tired of playing on the ‘slow’ side of the Door Slammer ladder. He plans on dominating the ‘Dingers with a little more grunt in the Beretta this year. Zak’s quote: “It’s got the chirp!” He’ll have the Beretta and it’s new big-inch bullet out this weekend at MRP. I wonder if Zak will need to change his pants after the first blast?

Oh yeah… did you hear the news? They found MacKenzie’s trailer! 😉

Sep 07 2008

Just because I can

From the “Just because I can” department, this post is being made while eating breakfast at the Bread Garden. Technology rocks!

Apparently, Zak is in a mad thrash at MRP trying to get a replacement trans and converter in the Baretta to stay in competition today. Good luck buddy; if I could be there I would be!

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